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LARN INTERNATIONAL Ltd is a service provider assisting its clients in all sectors (private, public and NGO) to enhance their operational efficiency, financial performance, and customer satisfaction. Our motivation is fueled by the increasing pressure on companies to improve their bottom-line and enhance service quality amidst high competition.

With globalization and advances in internet communication technologies (ICTs) resulting to an ever increasing customers’ awareness of goods and services on a global scale, their demands and expectations for high quality services at low prices keep rising, with high sensitivity to lead-time. Hence, companies have to develop winning strategies and ensure excellent execution in order to stay competitive and meet both customers’ and shareholders’ expectations without compromising employees’ welfare.

These call for greater efficiency in operations, with supply chain management being at the center. With total commitment, integrity, and transparency, LARN INTERNATIONAL Ltd assists its clients to achieve the aforementioned objectives by ensuring that we deliver your goods and services with the right quality, at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. We pride ourselves for excellence in the areas of: Field Technical Assistance, Technical Services, Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Consultancy, general services, International Business, and Import/Export..

Building on the extensive International Business and Supply Chain Management experience of its management team, experienced engineers and technicians, and its Strategic partners, LARN INTERNATIONAL Ltd is committed to total customer satisfaction through unrivalled quality services.

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Phone Number +237 693 664 309 / 242 020 202
Region Littoral
Ville Douala

1st Floor CDE Building, Ancienne Route Bonaberi,

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Ma Ville Douala
Pays Cameroon
Region Région du Littoral
distance 8 Kilometres
Adresse Ancienne route, Bonabéri, Cameroun
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